The following are questions frequently asked.如果你在这里找不到你的问题的答案,不要犹豫打电话来。

Can any of the scheduled training classes be delivered at my site?


How does yabo下载Crane Tech provide a customized program at an affordable cost?

定制一个程序可以提高培训成本,除非你采取行动减少定制所需的时间和人力。这就是为什么Craneyabo下载 Tech开发了一个我们称之为‘Course Builder'这使我们能够从数百个相关文档和课程设计中进行选择,以满足您的确切需求。我们添加了您的课程说明,课程构建器会找到所有手册,workshops,tests,以及与你的科目相关的课程计划。We drag and drop your relevant materials into your course and the course is built.当然,有些项目需要一些额外的工作来满足特定的需求,但这是我们服务的一部分。We're proud of offering this service at a cost any company can afford.

Can courses and subjects be combined for delivery at my company?

Yes.There are many subjects that just go together,许多公司都有多种设备。We have been combining and customizing program content since 1977,so问问我们能帮什么忙.


很简单,yabo下载起重机技术为开发新的培训方法投入了更多的资源,testing,hands-on skills training programs,最重要的是,我们的员工比任何其他公司都多。你可以通过阅读我们的yabo下载"Behind The Scenes" articles“痴迷起重机技术”博客yabo下载.在这里,您将学习分享我们对Safety through Education,你不想和这样的公司有联系吗?

Do yabo下载Crane Tech instructors have field experience?

One of the most important qualifications our instructor's have is major hands-on experience.In addition to field experience,we look for personnel who have worked in management positions,这意味着他们努力工作,并且可以与现场和管理问题有关。

Are yabo下载Crane Tech's tests designed so everyone passes?

No!We use Item Analysis software to keep a close eye on how each test question performs and to evaluate how well our students perform on our tests.我们当然不希望我们的测试过于简单,还是太难了。我们每一次考试都要争取中等水平,这样即使是最聪明的学生也必须参加培训才能取得好成绩。我们觉得我们的客户想要公平的测试,来记录学生的成绩。看看我们的幕后文章测试开发和项目分析.

How do I register for a scheduled training program?

You can register by clicking the "Sign Up Now" link on any scheduled program page,或者打电话1-800-290-0007给我们的登记员。

Does yabo下载Crane Tech Certify students who attend training?

除CCO等组织外,没有所谓的“认证”操作员。Certify is a word that is misused and often misunderstood.Because yabo下载Crane Tech does not Certify anyone doesn't mean we don't put all our company credibility,and liability on the line.However,没有使用“认证”一词的规定。OSHA和其他联邦标准使用“合格”一词,只有雇主才能“合格”一个人从事特定的工作。yabo下载Crane Tech提供培训和测试,以帮助我们的客户使用我们的培训和测试方法来保证他们的员工的知识和技能。

Crane Tecyabo下载h在哪里?

Our corporate office is located in Tampa,Florida.地址或方向信息,请访问我们的contact page.

Craneyabo下载 Tech是否提供任何特殊定价?

From time to time,yabo下载Crane Tech may offer special promotions for scheduled training classes through our Weekly Tagline,click here to sign upand receive our newsletter.一年到头,we offer the third enrollment free and 50% off refresher training,these offers cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  • 注册2和3免费:精选课程提供注册2的特别促销,并免费获得第3个。All three students must be from the same company and enrolled in the same class/dates.Candidates who fail to show up for their free course may not move their attendance to any other course or date. Participants wanting Train-the-Trainer status with their free enrollment only pay the Train-the-Trainer fees.
  • Refresher Training:在完成起重机技术项目或类似长度的竞争对手项目后24个月内,接受任何进修培训,可享受50%的折扣。yabo下载Documentation of such must be submitted prior to attendance.

Craneyabo下载 Tech是否接受信用卡付款?

Yes,我们接受美国运通,签证Discover and Master Card.

Does yabo下载Crane Tech offer payment options or financial assistance?

有关付款选择或财务援助的更多信息,请访问我们的financial page.

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